Free Food in Dubai For All People, Kindness Refrigerator

Usually you arer heard about distribution of iftaar Food in Ramadan specially in Mosques or some people distribute among the poor peoples on other religious places or at there homes.

Here in Dubai we were very surprised to saw the new way of food distribution among the people, Specially in Dubai some families take initiative to distribute the Kindness food among the people during Ramadan in new way.

Before start of the month they put a refrigerator out side of their homes full of food, Food including All types of fruits, juices, Drinks milk, rice and other regular food specially Pakistani and Indian food. Even some of refrigerator having Chocolates and candies might be the kept for children.

The Kindness Fridge is aimed at catering to laborers and the unemployed lot who require healthy food after a hard day’s work, but might not have the means to purchase it in local restaurants.

We talk to one of guy Standing there in Que his name was Muhammad Numan. He said

“I come here twice a day to get fresh food that reminds me of home. It has made life easier as it takes care of our most important meals – lunch and dinner. And definitely this boosts my mood, my energy levels and of course my happiness. It is here I am able to get fruits and energy drinks free of cost, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to afford either of them. So I am really grateful to the restaurant staff and owner for thinking about us,”



In Dubai jumeirah residences, Al Karama , are the places where families kept the refrigerators out side of their homes. Usually Ramadan is the special month of Muslims but we wonder to saw the non Muslims also take a part to kept food in refrigerators. that behavior of peoples reminds us.

“Kindness has no religion at All”

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